Sierra Club ExCom Meeting on I-732, August 25, 2016

 After two hours of parliamentary maneuver, possibly to delay a vote on a proposal to change the Sierra Club policy on I-732 (carbon tax initiative), the Washington Chapter Executive Committee (ExCom) members voted to replace Chair Margie Van Cleve with Tim Gould as temporary chair. The ExCom then voted to appeal a ruling by club staff to foreclose any reconsideration of the previous (April) decision on I-732, which has been interpreted to say that the Sierra Club opposes I-732. Subject to the outcome on this appeal, the ExCom voted to replace the previous decision with the following language:

The Sierra Club neither opposes nor supports I-732.

In the event that I-732 passes in this November election, the Club will reach out and work with many allied organizations to (1) enact public policies to assure a just transition for labor groups affected by the carbon pricing measures; and (2) develop along with climate equity groups and organized labor additional public policies which are needed to prevent and mitigate climate change.

In the event that I-732 fails to pass in this November election, the Club will work with allied organizations to enact a carbon pricing plan that is fair and equitable for all stakeholders, including labor, climate justice, race and social justice, and industry groups.  In addition, Sierra Club will continue to pursue alliances with a broad coalition to further change public policies in order to reduce the rate of and mitigate climate change.

There are still major questions about whether this statement can have the desired effect, particularly if the national Sierra Club board refuses to reconsider the earlier action. Nevertheless, that board has been put on notice that many members of the chapter are concerned about effects of perceived Sierra Club opposition to I-732; many members favor I-732 and are working to support it.


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