State House Fails to Pass the Governor's Climate Bill

According to the Seattle Times of March 28, 2015, the house did not include Governor Inslee's cap and trade proposal in the budget negotiations, perhaps the last opportunity to pass it in this session.

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"Not included in the budget is the proposed carbon-polluter plan championed by Inslee, nor his recommendations for a 50 cents-per-pack cigarette tax increase and taxing of e-cigarettes. The carbon-polluter plan was part of Inslee’s proposal to fund education and a transportation package. The current transportation package separately making its way through the Legislature is funded instead by an increase in the state gas tax and other fees. [Rep. Reuven] Carlyle praised the governor’s carbon-polluter plan, but said it was too new an idea in the Legislature to be immediately acted upon."

“We feel that it needs more time … for the House and the Senate and the governor to come to a consensus to include this,” he said.

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More time is not available. The warmest global average temperature was recorded in 2014, and the past winter has been the warmest on record as well. If the legislature cannot act, the people may have to through an initiative.

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