Inspiring Words from Sharon Abreu

I am taking the liberty of transmitting inspiring words from Sharon Abreu, who has participated in our UU Climate Week. She is reacting to a chain of comments on the friction between CarbonWA, whose I-732 initiative on carbon tax we support, and the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy. Rather than focusing on the dispute, we should focus on the positive aspects of the efforts of all groups. Here is her message:

I just want to give thanks to everyone on this list for pouring your energy and heart into this challenging endeavor.

What I learned years ago as a volunteer with Hudson River Sloop Clearwater in New York is that we need to celebrate ourselves and our efforts, get together, have fun, sing, laugh, cry, and really celebrate our small victories.
You are all awesome, caring people. I KNOW that you care about people, and that you are very concerned about people who might lose their jobs or experience any financial hardship because of this major transition, which we know needs to happen, one way or another.
I first started hearing the Trade Union delegation at the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development talk about the - need for a "Just Transition" back in 1998,  and they were talking about it before I joined them. We are behind in this country, perhaps tragically so. But I don't for a minute think of giving up. Okay, maybe for a minute. But then I pick myself up, do self-care, re-energize, and move forward in whatever way I can, personally and with excellent company.
This is not just a pep talk. This is love and gratitude flowing to you all.
As one of the people I portray in my Climate Monologues show says, "It's probably too late for many things, and that just requires profound grieving. But there is abundant life on this planet. And there is always, always, always something left worth fighting for." I truly believe this with my whole heart. She also says, "How we keep our energy up is so important, because you can't work on climate change without having your moments when you're just like 'Oh my GOD!', you know?"
Here's to working together in 2016 and doing the best job we can!
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