Testimony on Raising the Minimum Wage

income_inequality.jpgTestimony to the House Labor Committee on Raising the Minimum Wage (HB1355)

I'm Jolinda Stephens, representing Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice, a faith-based 501(c)4 for Unitarian Universalists  in this state. Raising the minimum wage is one of our top three priorities for this legislative session and we urge that you pass this bill. While study after study has shown that raising the minimum wage benefits the economy, that is not the primary reason that we chose this issue. 

The main reason is that income inequality has increased to a level that it has become of utmost moral importance. Workers deserve the benefits of their labor. Pope Francis' teachings on economic fairness have been summarized by a Bishop as, "people should be placed at the center of our economies." This central idea, as well as protecting vulnerable people, should be of primary importance are echoed widely among religious leaders from many traditions, from conservative to liberal in their theology and philosophies. All should be able to live with dignity. 




The people who would benefit the most from this raise are adults, many attempting to support children and family members on these inadequate wages. Washington State has been a leader in raising the minimum wage and, while a help, we have by no means reached a wage that would allow people to live in dignity. We urge you to continue Washington State's leadership in this area.


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