Tech Guide

Zoom, the video conferencing app, is very easy to use. Here's what you need

Connection: high speed wireless or direct internet connection

Setup choices:

  1. one computer with webcam for smaller groups of no more than 4
  2. one computer with large screen without webcam to show the conference and laptop with webcam to transmit the group to the conference. It is best to attach speakers to the large screen computer. This will work for eight or fewer folks. OR
  3. for more than eight folks you can use a webcam on a tripod, speakers, a projector and screen. It is advisable for larger groups to have a tech with you.

Tech Support Session:

Zoom is very easy to use. Here's the schedule for the support sessions:

  • Sunday, Nov 1, between 9 and 10:30 and 11:30 to 1:30
  • Sunday Nov 8 between 9 am (by appointment only) and 10:30 and from 1 to 1:20,

Please do the tech support session using the set up and room you will use for the conference. 

Find the invitation to Zoom for that date and click on the link.  It will download a small app. If you are connecting through a church computer make sure they allow app downloads. It will take less than one minute.

Next click on the file that downloads. It should pop you into the room instantly on camera. 

 NOTE: Zoom does not work with chromebooks. If you already have zoom installed, there is a recent upgrade. Make sure you upgrade or we will have difficulties.

For the Conference:

  1. Join the Conference at 1:20 to check for last minute problems. Make sure you enter the name of the congregation. If you didn't do it on login, you can do it Call Susan Dye at 253 341-6944 for help or call our conference tech. Number to come. 
  2. Once the Conference starts, mute your mic. You should be on mute except for when your group is speaking to the conference.
  3. Both audio and video are controlled through the icons at the bottom left of your Zoom window. Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen to see them.
  4. Expect to be on mute for about 10 minutes until introductions. At the announcement of introductions turn your mic on until introductions are complete.
  5. Be alert for indications of feedback. Try turning your mic off and back on again if your group is speaking or reminding other groups that they need to mute.
  6. About 1:55 we will begin instructions for each group to enter separate discussions.
  7. Once the instructions have been given and questions asked, turn off your video and audio and mute the speaker UNLESS you have only one or two people at your location. In that case, leave your audio and video on and join the discussion at Tahoma UU.
  8. At 2:45 turn your video and speakers back on, unmuting your mic when it is your turn to speak.
  9. Until the end of the Conference at 3:30, you have to be alert. People will generally raise their hands when they want to speak. It will be your cue to unmute. 

-- Questions? Call Susan Dye - 253 341-6944

-- Stop in on Sunday to try it out, I'll be there!

-- Close your other windows, fewer tabs open = better Zoom



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