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Taking action is central to our work. We do that through developing relationships with our legislators and lobbying them for our issues. 

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commented 2014-12-04 08:22:59 -0800 · Flag
Environmental justice requires that we acknowledge our role in destroying the planet and then generalize that to all people, particularly those in industrialized societies that are using resources at four times the level that can be sustained. We do not have four planets to sustain us, so we must change to renewable use of resources.
commented 2014-12-03 22:26:08 -0800 · Flag
Economic justice, democracy, ecology and environmental justice, and human rights are our enduring values. We cannot achieve any of these values if we lose the planet and its habitat because of global warming. But we cannot achieve the planet we want if we don’t take back our democracy.

Hence I believe the overall priorities are:
1) democracy (take back our democracy so it represents the people)
2) ecology and environmental justice (save the planet and its habitat)
3) economic justice AND human rights (create the society we want)

Of course, all of these can be worked in parallel.
However, none of this will happen if the people cannot control their own destiny. Its imperative that the United States 230+ years of attempting to create a people’s democracy be allowed to succeed!
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