Support for I-1366 waning (Hurray!!!)


This chart is from a report issued by the Institution on Taxation & Economic Policy. The report, which examined all states, says that our reliance on sales tax insures that Washington State has the most inequitable tax system in the country, while maintaining one of the lowest tax rates on the highest incomes in the country. The initiative would require the legislature to initiate a constitutional requirement for a legislative supermajority on all bills that would increase taxes or close loopholes. It would sound the death knell for most progressive legislation and for an overhaul of our medieval tax system.

I-1366 would ensure that we remain in that most ignoble position. So it is good news that Eyman's latest assault on the poor and middle class has lost significant ground with likely voters.


According to the just-released Elway poll, support for the initiative has dropped from 49% in July to 42% in October and those who oppose went from 36% to 42%. Even more heartening, opposition to I-1366 now outstrips support among perfect and frequent voters with the opposition clearest among perfect voters. 

Yest there remains a significant percentage of voters undecided. Please educate you friends and family to what passage of the initiative would mean during the next two weeks. 

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