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Our Story
Who We Are



Giving Voice To Our Values

Our Issues:

Washington State



Washington State Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice
438 NE 72nd St.
Seattle, WA 98115

Rev. Carol McKinley(360)786-8074 WebWeaver:
Corinne Kelly(206)526-7081



We are a membership-based organization. Members of UU Communities or Friends and Allies of UU s may subscribe to our newsletter. Members receive the UU Newsletter/Action Alerts through out the legislative sessions and are kept abreast of events and trainings around the intersection of issues of public policy and our spiritual values. There is no membership fee, however, donations and bequests are appreciated as our goal is to be financially sustainable by 2010.

Steering Committee:

  • Rev. Art Vaeni-Olympia UUC, Olympia
  • Rev. Chip Wright-Olympic UUF, Port Angeles
  • Ted Sturdevant-Olympia UUC, Olympia
  • Sarjane Siegfriedt UUC, Seattle
  • Jerome Chroman UUC, Seattle

Jerome co-founded Washington UU Voices in July 2005.  He is in on the steering committee of UUs for a Just Economic Community; co-chair of University UChurch's Economic Justice Grp; the board of Abe Keller Peace Education Fund. He helped found The Washington State Promise The Children Network which was subsumed under UUs for a Just Economic Community. He is ongoing activsit in Peace and Social Justice in the interfaith and nonsecular arenas.  Professionally he is a licensed massage practioner, hypnotherapist and co-administrator of a wellness center.

After UU Voices first year, the Ministerial Advisory Committee submerged into the  Steering Committee. We want to thank Dick Jacke-ESUC, Jim Dick-OUUF, Rev. Elizabeth "Kit" Ketcham-UUVI/UUWI, Rev.Richard Erhardt-UUC Spokane, Rev. Liz Stevens-KUUF, Nancy Norman-UUC for their contributions to UU Voices first year. 


Rev. Carol McKinley, Olympia UUC
The Reverend Carol McKinley, an Olympia resident since 1970, received her MDiv from Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry in 2004. She is a community minister endorsed by Olympia UU Congregation, and will be the designated lobbyist for Washington UU Voices for Justice.

She received her BA in English literature and writing from the University of Washington. She has taught English in secondary schools and community colleges, owned an Olympia out-of-print bookstore, and was, in New Jersey, executive editor of the international magazine of the antiquarian book trade. Prior to attending seminary, she was the indexer in the Washington State Code Reviser’s Office.

Involved in political activism and social justice movements since the 1960’s, she has worked for the Equal Rights Amendment, a woman’s right to choose, gay and lesbian civil rights and marriage equality.

Corinne Dee Kelly, UUC

Legislative Trackers Offering 2007 Proposed Issues:

       Human Rights

  • Rev. Elizabeth “Kit” Ketcham: Marriage Equality
  • Rev. Carol McKinley: Criminal Justice
  • Economic Justice

  • Jerome Chroman: Poverty, Health Care
  • Sarajane Siegfriedt: Housing
  • Bruce Pringle: Education
  • Global Warming

  • Andrea Borning: Renewable Energy
  • Dick Burkhardt: Transportion
  • Campaign Financing Reform

  • James Williams, Gary Ness, Fran Wood: Clean Elections


  • Jeff Douthwaite (UUC-Seattle)
    Former Rep 43rd Leg. Dist. Retired State Representative for 9 years from NE Seattle. Author: A Lively Legislative Life. Retired professor of engineering, U Wa. Present hobby is skipper of his own boat, frequent leditor writer, Humanist, PCO, and concerned citizen. Motto "retired not retarded."
  • Will Wilcox (UUC-Seattle),survey
  • Elva Willingham-Spokane UUC, host

Website Advisors:

  • Deborah Barnes-UUC, web development
  • Nancy Ibsen-UUC, graphic design
    Nancy Ibsen is a graphic designer living in Seattle.  She is a third generation poet, singer and composer. Her website is
  • Jeanette Russel-Democracy In Action Online Communication Tool Consultant
  • Hilary Wood-web developer
  • Joel Davis-Dreamweaver Instructor,

Congregational Contacts:

  • Beth Brunton
  • Jerome Chroman
  • John Crew
  • Carol Ann Davidson
    Social Action Committee chair Cedars Unitarian Universalist Church,Bainbridge Island.
  • Eileen Duffy
  • Ellen Hanly
  • Dick Jacke
  • Deb Murphy
  • Shelley Rader
  • Jo Walter