Minimum wage our first bill to pass Appropriations

Appropriations_committee.jpgIf I knew how to photoshop, this photo would show a balloon drop or confetti. HB 1355, which would raise the state minimum wage to $12 over 4 years, passed the House Committee on Appropriations yesterday at about 4:30. 

Here are the supporters:

Representatives Hunter, Chair; Ormsby (D-3), Vice Chair; Carlyle (D-36), Cody (D-34), Dunshee (D-44), Hansen (D-23), Hudgins (D-11), S. Hunt (D-22), Jinkins (D-27), Kagi (D-32), Lytton (D-40), Pettigrew (D-37), Sawyer (D-29), Senn (D-41), Springer (D-45), Sullivan (D-47), Tharinger (D-24), and Walkinshaw (D-43). It would be nice if you dashed off a short thank you email, if one of these is your legislator. You might also consider congratulating the bill's prime sponsor, Rep. Ferrall. Here she is in an interview Kari Kopnick did with her for our Legislative Conference. 

Two companion bills also were voted out:

  • SHB 1354, the employee anti-retaliation act (Rep. Ryu)
  • HB 1356, sick and safe leave (Rep. Jinkins)

And now for the bad news:

The 33rd District Democrat turned Republican, Sen. Miloscia (30), just introduced what he calls a Living Wage bill (SB 6029). It's in Commerce and Labor and you can comment on it directly to the committee. It would once again index the minimum wage, raising it slightly each year that the state cost of living increases or personal income increases. Its most important feature, however, is that it would would be the only minimum wage allowed in the state. Areas with a high cost of living would be required to have the same minimum wage as areas with a low cost of living. 





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