Lobbying - Week 1 2015 - Transportation safety and the budget

The 2015 Legislature begins with hearings on two of our key issues - budget fairness and fossil fuel transport safety. Read on for details on the hearings, the bills and the legislators on the committees considering the issues. If one of your legislators is on the list, please drop them an email or make a quick phone call. Link to the Lobbying Brochure: http://goo.gl/lQ7cWY.

Here's the hearing schedule as we know it for the first week of the legislative session. Most folks can't make the trip to Olympia but everyone can send an email or make a quick phone call to their own legislators, if they sit on the committee.


House Appropriations, 3:30 pm Hearing on the education portions of Inslee's budget. Take just a moment to check the committee list for your representatives -  http://uuvoiceswa.nationbuilder.com/house_appropriations. If you s/he is on the committee, send a link to the new lobbying brochure with a note about the importance of fully funding Basic Education and funding that closes the opportunity gaps in education.


Senate Ways and Means, 3:30 pm hearing on SB5063, prioritizing revenue growth to education expenses. An unusual proposal by the Senate's budget writer, Andy Hill would set aside 2/3rd of expenditures of new revenue for state education programs. It would be ratified by vote of the people. It would seem not to be a valid answer to McCleary. Senate Ways and Means Committee is here: http://uuvoiceswa.nationbuilder.com/senate_ways_means


House Appropriations 3:3pm hearing on the non-education aspects of Inslee's budget, including safety net programs. It should also include new revenue sources, such as the capital gains tax and the cap and trade carbon tax. You'll want to check the list of the Appropriations Committee for your representatives: http://uuvoiceswa.nationbuilder.com/house_appropriations  Please take a moment, if one of your legislators sits on that committee to send an email voicing your support for cap and trade and capital gains tax, as well as preserving and restoring the safety net. Refer to the lobbying brochure for wording ideas. 


Senate Energy, Environment, Telecommunications 1:30 pm Hearing on SB 5057, safe transport of hazardous materials. I have not read the bill yet, but it is sponsored by a senator that one environmental group said had only voted for the environment 4% of the time. Stay tuned for more information. Here's a list of the Senate Committee. http://uuvoiceswa.nationbuilder.com/senate_energy_environment



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