Interview with Political Director for CAN, Mauricio Ayon

Mauricio Ayon is an experienced lobbyist for many of the same issues that we support. He is a member of the Racial Equity Team, a group of lobbyists, led by lobbyists of color, who work together to bring about laws that address racial inequity. We recently joined the team to help meet our priority of being guided by frontline communities and communities of resistance in our work. 

Here he talks with us two days before the second cut off about the budget landscape as he sees it and about which bills that deal with equity appear to have a chance of making it to the floor.

The video ends abruptly due to tech problems just before he completed the interview. He was describing the key bills. Here they are:

  • Increasing the minimum wage, along with companion bills address sick leave and retaliation (one of our top priorities)
  • The Family Unity Act (one of our second tier priorities)
  • Voting Rights Act - Addresses at large elections. Fact sheet
  • Reforming legal financial obligations - address some of the problems of using our courts as an important source of revenue, an issue that Ferguson has brought to national attention. ACLU blog post
  • Expanding duel and bilingual language programs. Provides funding to expand and strengthen existing programs. One America fact sheet¬†
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