Ideas for Attention-Getting Lobbying

  • Letter to the Editor campaigns
  • Tax Me signs - Photo yourself with the sign and send to legislators
  • Several ideas involving music on the theme of climate change to support the Carbon Pollution Accountability Act, including musical skits, rap and song parodies.
    Perform in rotunda and video, post on youtube and bring to legislators attention by email, posts to their facebook page. Could it go viral?
  • Address the tax issue through talking about what we want to invest our resources in.

  • Hold forums on taxes in our congregations (suggested by several legislators)

  • Have worship services on social inequity

  • Within our congregations share our list of our goals and show how UU values are addressed legislatively

  • Send the transcript of this conference to legislators.

  • Getting grassroots experiences with needs.

  • Within our congregations, take relevant legislation to the social justice meetings/classes on specific topics.

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