Senate Energy Committee - Keystone XL resolution


Today the Senate Energy committee had public hearing re Bill 8010 - which requests that President Obama approve the Keystone XL pipeline.  Perhaps because there are still oil train fires burning Bakken oild in Virginia today, there was no testimony Pro the bill.

Arguing Con the bill was Kelly Thompson with UU Voices for Justice, and the legislative director for Climate Solutions. Kelly's testimony raised the following:

1- please hear the voice of science on this issue (Climate Change) - if there were 100 climate scientists in the room, I expect that 97 of them would be against this bill.

2- please hear the voice of those affected by Climate Chance effects - by UN count more than 16 million voices.  The current path we are following is not sustainable.

3- Kelly invoked the first rule of holes - "If you find yourself in a  hole, the first thing to do is to Stop Digging!

The bill may next be discussed in executive session.

I suspect that this bill is more "dog whistle" politics for the Republican base with little effect on Pres Obama, but it seemed to me that it did deserve questioning.





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Typo – this was Keystone XL
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