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Deb Cruz writes to urge other congregations and social and climate action committees to join Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship in passing a resolution urging the PNWD to sign a letter urging federal protection upholding protecting sacred lands. 
"The resolution is one that requests the leadership of PNWD to become signatories to the "A Public Declaration to the Tribal Councils and Traditional Spiritual Leaders of the Native Peoples of the Northwest."  This declaration has been signed by a number of the regional leadership bodies of the PNW faith community.  The original signing did not include the regional UU PNWD body because our leadership needs to have a congregational vote approving a request for PNWD to sign it.
"BUF will be voting on this resolution on February 15th and I ask that any other UU congregations that are able to, to do the same.  While PNWD only requires one congregational vote to consider, the more UU congregations who show support for this will help immensely.  With the congregational support, PNWD will consider this at their annual meeting during GA in June.  PNWD needs to have the congregationally approved requests 60 days in advance of GA, so those of you willing to work on getting your congregations to approve it will need to have your resolutions submitted to PNWD by mid-April.  Please feel free to use the attached resolution as a template for your resolutions.  I would really appreciate it if at least one other UU congregation could get a congregational vote on this in case (Powers forbid), I fail to get the vote on my end.
"For those of you who are interested in requesting PNWD to sign, but don't feel a congregational vote is possible, please feel free to contact PNWD as climate action groups, social justice committees, Native American teams, etc. and let them know you are supporting this request.  This kind of request won't hold as much weight, but if we can get several groups to request endorsing it, it will signal to PNWD how important this is to its constituency.
"I'm pulling together materials for discussion and presentation and will be doing a test run as one of our adult Sunday forums this Sunday.  Once I see how the forum goes, I'll try to get a package out to whoever is interested so you can discuss this intelligently with your fellow UU members.
"Please let me know if and how you decide to support this effort.  I kinda need to track who's doing what.

Deb Cruz"

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