It's all over but the "I do's!"


Yesterday, as you no doubt know, SCOTUS changed forever the social climate of this country by not acting. At least, that seems the most likely outcome to the court's declining to hear appeals to several cases in which the lower courts ruled that marriage must be available to everyone. Let's do an alternative history novel of the future. Let's imagine what would happen were marriage equality to spread from the soon-to-be 30 states to the 35 states that are sure to be the new count when the 9th Circuit rules and then state by state move forward until hundreds of thousands, even millions of same sex marriages are established. Then in this novel SCOTUS decides to rule that all those rulings were unconstitutional and all same sex marriages in those states were null and void. Can you even imagine that happening? Seems like this may be the end of this form of discrimination.

There are several beginnings to this happy ending but one particularly bright beginning was Goodridge vs. Dept. of Public Health (Massachusetts). Unitarians were at the center of that struggle. I remember visiting the UUA in 2003. The offices then were next door to the statehouse and there was a huge banner supporting marriage equality on the side of our building aimed at everyone entering the statehouse. The named plaintiff on the lawsuit that brought marriage equality to Massachusetts were the Goodridges. Hillary Goodridge is the Funding Program Director at the UUA (the source of our grant that will double your donation if you are a first time donor). She and partner Julie have since divorced and they were not the only UU plaintiffs on that landmark case. In addition both the Arlington Street Church (UU) and the UUA headquarters were overflowing with marrying couples in the time immediately following the decision.

Here in Washington State it was you and UU Voices for Justice that worked together for several years to achieve our victory for human rights just two and a half years ago. As a lobbying organization based in UU values UU Voices always joins you in the forefront of the struggle to realize our values in the world.

What do you remember about the struggle? Share your memories in the comments.

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It's all over but the "I do's!" a reflection on UU leadership in the struggle for marriage equality. Please share your memories in comments.
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