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Giving Voice To Our Values

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Washington State



Washington State Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice
438 NE 72nd St.
Seattle, WA 98115

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Washington UU Voices for Justice:
Legislative Proposal for 2007-Health Care

Proposed by: Jerome Chroman(UUC/ UUJEC-NW Steering Comm)

Propose and Track the Issue Health Care Per the Criteria

Timeliness: Health care for all has become a leading issue among social justice activists around the country. All the UU legislative networks chose it, along with global warming, as the two issues they will be working on this legislative session, as did UU’s in Washington in last year’s survey.

Potential for impact: In the 2006 legislative session the focus on increasing health coverage for children resulted in an increase of 7,000 children on the Children’s Health Program in Washington…an important step in the campaign for health coverage for all kids by 2010. We helped expand health coverage for adults but 10’s of thousands still lack coverage and the number will rise unless we continue our advocacy for health care a a human right for all people.

Connection to UU Values: As UU’s we value the worth and dignity of every person and work for justice for all, especially those at the margins, the most vulnerable among us.

Strength of Coalition Partnerships: We work with some the leading non-profits in the state to achieve success, i.e, Children’s Alliance, Washington Assoc. of Churches, Statewide Poverty Action Network and Save Health Care in Washington

Issues Likely To Come Up In 2007:

  • Basic Health Plan (get data)
  • Children’s Health Program
  • Community Health Clinics for the uninsured