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Washington State



Washington State Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice
438 NE 72nd St.
Seattle, WA 98115

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Washington UU Voices for Justice:
Legislative Proposal 2007
Legislation Affecting Children

Proposed by: Bruce Pringle, Desmoines SUUC,

Propose and Track the Issue of Children’s Issues Per the Criteria

Timeliness: Research findings on the importance of early experiences on later behavior have attracted the attention of enlightened legislators, the Gates Foundation, and some of the general public. The Children’s Alliance is still deciding which among 13 issues they will emphasize in the next legislative session.

• Recent legislative history: The last session of the legislature created a state cabinet-level Department of Early Learning, started a program to help students who fail the WASL tests, increased salaries of teachers and school employees, provided health care for more children, strengthened protection for children in state care, and increased funding for foster care.

Impact: Focussing on issues on behalf of the welfare of children ensures that the next generation of citizens is as bright, healthful, peaceful, and constructive as possible; reduces the costs of health care and imprisonment; and improves quality of life.

Relationship to UU Values: Promoting the health, happiness, and security of children is consistent with all seven of the UU Principles.

Opportunity for Coalition-Building:The Children’s Alliance, Washington Association of Churches, and many other organizations work on children’s issues. The legislators of my district (33d) are leaders on relevant legislation and will keep us informed.

Cutting Edge/Long Term Strategy: Improving the lives of children is a never-ending task, but there is hope that much can be accomplished in the next session of the legislature.