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Following are interviews with people who are knowledgeable about issues that our members care about. We will post new articles and videos as they become available. 

Environmental Justice

Rev Florence Caplow, Quimper UU minister, Port Townsend, WA 

Reverend Florence Caplow, UU minister from Port Townsend, visited North Dakota where she met with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe about their efforts to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline itself would tunnel beneath the Missouri River, threatening the tribe’s only water source.

Audio Interview:


Audubon Society VP of Climate Change, Matthew Anderson,  talks about climate change and the role of faith communities in responding. 

Matthew Anderson, Audubon Society

Audio Interview:


UW professor Richard H. Gammon, talks about climate change and faith communities.

Richard Gammon, Professor Emeritus at University of Washington

Univ. of Washington Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Oceanography, Adjunct Professor of Atmospheric Sciences 

Audio Interview:


UNFCCC's Patricia Espinosa: Working towards a low-carbon society for "the well-being of people"

More information:


Carlo Voli on Petroleum Fuel Transport

Rev. Tom Shade on the UU theology of climate change, "This Changes Everything"


Eric de Place on Climate Change, Carbon Controls, and Fossil Fuel Transport

Eric is the policy director at Sightline Institute, a local think tank.

Maia Bellon, WA State Ecology Director 

Criminal Justice Reform

Bob Cooper, Evergreen Public Affairs, on Black Lives Matter, "Ban the Box" and Legal Financial Obligatons

Liezl Rebugio on abolishing the death penalty

More information:


Economic Justice


Jessyn Farrel, Seattle on Living Wage 

Andrew Nicholas, senior policy analyst for the Washington State Budget and Policy Center, on school funding and the state's inequitable tax system


Preservation of the Democratic Process


Rep. Moscoso on Voting Rights Act, Police Accountability, White Privilege

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