For Group Health Cooperative Members/Patients

This petition has a different format than the standard petition. Please follow the instructions carefully.

If you are a member of GHC please download, print, and complete this form/

Mail no later than July 18 to: Group Health Resolution, P. O. 2749, Vashon, WA 98070. They will be packaged together to deliver to GHC.

Group Health also requires that each signer 'register to vote' so GHC can be sure your vote is valid.  If you're not already registered, or not sure,

Go to -

Under "Become a Voting Member" go to the 2nd paragraph, 2nd line and click on "Register to vote" and follow the instructions.

Please also sign our petition so that we know that you have an interest in the issue of full access to health care without religious restrictions.

Whereas we the undersigned member-patients of Group Health Cooperative, believe in the Cooperative’s long commitment to high quality comprehensive health care;         


Whereas we believe those values may be undermined by affiliations with religious health care providers to which GHC patients may be referred;


Whereas legal best medical practices, in some cases, are prohibited by religious directives at those institutions

Therefore be it resolved:

            that GHC shall have written policies and procedures to insure that all patients have ready and convenient access to the full range of sound medical practices unrestricted by religious doctrine;

            that medical staff will have full knowledge of potential restrictions when referring or sending patients to religiously affiliated institutions;

            that Group Health staff will fully inform patients when referring or sending patients to religiously affiliated medical facilities of those potential restrictions.

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If you are a member of Group Health, please sign this petition.
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