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From www.commit2respond.org Climate Justice Month - Our current crisis requires transformation. It’s less about changing a few individual behaviors and more about imagining radical new ways of living.

Our current paradigm assumes the expendability of some people and species in service to the dominant culture...In this paradigm, we willingly sacrifice the people on the margins of society—generally people of color, immigrants, and people who live with great financial instability—to maintain the industrial growth economy. 

Exciting Lobby Event To Support Carbon Pollution Accountability Act

The cap and trade plan proposed by Gov. Inslee that would raise $1.8 in new revenue from taxing the state's worst polluters and earmark some for funding the Working Families Tax Rebate (finally!) is conspicuously missing from the otherwise good budget proposed yesterday by the House Democrats. We are happy to see the capital gains tax and a number of educational reforms to address the opportunity gap. It is a big mistake, however to propose a budget that ignores the plan to address carbon (and our extremely high asthma rates) while raising more funds to address the billions in cuts to the social safety net made during the recession. The proposed budget will create about $1.5 billion, far short of what is needed.

It is time to speak with a loud voice. Join the Climate Action Event this Tuesday at noon at the Legislative Building in Olympia to let the legislature feel our support for the cap and trade plan. RSVP here Take a day for the planet, an ecological health day and join us to laugh, learn and lobby.

Speakers include Senator Ranker and Rep. Fitzgibbon, both prime sponsors of the bill, as well as key environmental groups. And it all starts with a satirical skit, called "What's So Hard To Understand," featuring Gary Piazzon from the UU Congregation of Whidbey Island and children from Plant for the Planet. 

Both prior to the event and following the event there are opportunities to meet with key budget leaders. Especially important is an 11 am meeting with Sen. Hill, chair of the Ways and Means Committee and chief architect of the Republican budget. 

Email Jolinda Stephens at coordinator@uuvoiceswa.org if you would like to meet with Sen. Hill, need a ride or have questions.

See you in Olympia!

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