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Economic Justice Conference with UU Voices for Justice, Feb. 28
Take part in deciding the course in lobbying for economic justice through the state budget process. In November UU Voices brought together 75 people in 22 congregations to decide on our priorities for lobbying the state legislature. 

This year's budget offers both great opportunity for fundamental change in our tax system and great peril that the social safety net which has been cut $12 billion in the last few years will be decimated.
As they did at the last conference, people will gather as a congregation and the congregations will connect via webinar, Feb 28 from 10 to 11:30 at your congregation. Interviews with key legislators, policy experts and community leaders, as well as articles are being posted. RSVP now

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A Fun Way To Make a Real Impression on Your Legislators

There have been $12 billion in cuts to the social safety net over the last few years and the forecast is that there could be more this year. It will have a devastating effect on a wide swath of Washington residents. It is clear that legislators of every political belief join in believing that they would not be reelected if they approved a tax increase of any kind. 

The tax increases currently proposed will only affect the wealthiest in the state, yet politicians persist in believing that voting for them will be political suicide.

While the currently proposed taxes would not affect anyone but the wealthiest in the state, we are proposing that UUs across the state make a "Raise my taxes" sign and hold it up not obscuring your face for a photo. Then email the photo to your legislators.

The sign could read:


Restore the shredded safety net

Fully fund education for all children

This is a great project for a Sunday morning and could be a great project to bring adults and children and youth together.

Email our office for information and to get contact information for your legislators. 



Join UU Voices for Justice for state Budget Conference, Feb. 28, 10-11:30, here. Connect with UUs across the state to decide UU Voices' lobby goals for the state budget.

Become a sustaining donor for UU Voices for Justice for as little as the price of a latte each month.


We Commit2Respond to climate change! UU Voices for Justice signed on as an endorser of the UU movement Commit2Respond. Commit2Respond is about joining forces and amplifying our impact, united across Unitarian Universalism and beyond. Our entire faith movement is mobilizing and we are a key part of it! Joined together in collective action, connected through partnership, we will change the world. Find out more and join at


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