COP21 Progresses Toward a Final Agreement Tonight

Report by William McPherson from Paris

From Paris:

COP21 progressed toward a final agreement in a Monday night session with French Foreign Minister Laurence Fabius presiding over a meeting of the "Paris Committee," which he set up to expedite agreement on the text of the climate change agreement. He had appointed ministers from member parties to facilitate four consultations on the most contentious remaining issues:


- means of implementation, including pledges on emssions reduction, financing, technology transfer and capacity building;

- differentiation, including different levels of mitigation for developed and developing countries, financing of low-carbon growth and transparency of aid and development;

- ambition, including objective and periodic review of INDCs; and

- acceleration of pre 2020 action.

All of the subgroups reported major progress and some parties suggested starting on text negotiation on Tuesday, December 8 rather than Wednesday the 9th. This suggested that parties felt that progress was sufficiently advanced that the COP could begin the final negotiations with a Friday deadline.

- William McPherson

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Thank you for being there and writing this blog. It is wonderful to get information about such an important and confusing event from people I know and trust. I read a piece from the Climate Lobby that the ocean was being considered as a carbon sink, but the wording was removed. It seems strange to write anything about climate change without taking into account the majority of the earths surface. Interested if you have heard any conversation about this in Paris.
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