The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy Initiative... Let's start a conversation.

October 13

As I'm sure many of you already know, The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy has come up with a new carbon pricing initiative that is expected to be on the ballot in 2016. Many of us have been collecting signatures for CarbonWA and I know folks are confused. I hope that all of us will do some research about both initiatives and that we will individually and collectively do all we can to insure that there will be a price placed on carbon and the pollution that is being spewed into our air and water. 

Unitarians care about our climate and we care about social justice. We also know that climate change is not being felt equally by all people and that the poor and disenfranchised are being first and hardest hit by climate change - both here in Washington State and around the world. I believe that the State of Washington has a special responsibility to help those that are affected most. As such, I am very interested in the new proposal put forward by the Alliance and I am intent on learning as much as I can about this new initiative. Here is a link to the Alliance letter announcing the new initiative:

I'm curious about how others feel and I would love to start a conversation about this. I'm also curious about whether the initiatives can coexist. Thoughts everyone? I would love to start this conversation.

Must-Have Book for Climate Activists

October 07

what_were_fighting_for_book.jpgBeacon Press, the UUA imprint, announced the publication today of the must-have book for every climate justice activist, What We're All Fighting for Now Is Each Other by journalist Wen Stephenson. It is an in depth look at climate justice activists who represent the broad spectrum of people who have given up their regular lives to the struggle. 


4 simple things to do now to influence policy

September 19

Slider_Polar_bears_near_north_pole.jpg  slide_economic_justice.jpg

Passionate about climate change, economic justice, tax system, homelessness, food insecurity or minimum wage? Having influence in Olympia is key. Power in Olympia is based on relationships and your relationship with your legislators can make you influential. There are four simple actions that are important. And now is the time to do them. What are they?


Win $ thousands with videos for Get Money Out of Politics

September 18

One for America has issued the $64,000 challenge for short videos that promote a Constitutional amendment to get money out of politics. This is a great way to get some excitement for I-735 amped in your congregation. And don't forget the youth group. But get going quickly. The deadline is Dec. 2 and they have already awarded one weekly prize. Here's a sample. 

You can also do great videos much more simply. Check out the details here:


Database & event coordinator needed now ~100 hrs

August 31

Media_at_Video_Conference_600_px.jpgA much simpler event than the one pictured but important to justice in this state. A chance to do  well while doing good with Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice. Contract starts immediately. We need someone with administrative skills. Key tasks are updating a database and preparing for an on-line conference.

Work from your home. Contract begins Sept 10 and ends Nov. 13, 2015. We expect it will take about 100 hours. Please send resume and contract requirements to


UUs active in climate justice

July 30

UU seminarian hangs from Portland's St. Johns Bridge to block Shell ice breaker from returning to the Arctic while canoes block below. In this video Elizabeth Mount explains how her faith informs her work for climate justice.

As of 10 Thursday morning media were reporting that the activist had lowered themselves further and the ice breaker had turned back to dry dock.

Many Washington State congregations gather signatures for the Carbon Tax Initiative

Meanwhile Gov. Inslee is proposing an executive order to impose a cap on carbon emissions....

[Lots more after the flip include a youtube link to "The Roof Is on Fire"]


Climate Justice Experiences Open to All

July 28

lummi_UUA_logo_FB_size.jpgIt is great to see UU congregations collaborating with our American Indian friends. Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship is leading the way. Quimper Unitarian is also working with the Jamestown S'Kallam Tribe. Recently, I have been a part of three events that have increased my knowledge of the intersections of support for climate justice, economic justice, and the rights of indigenous people.

This Spring, I was a part of the UU College of Social Justice learning trip which spent a week with the Lummi Nation. We learned first hand of the tragic history of colonization of this hemisphere...


The Carbon Tax Initiative

May 22



Here's lots of opportunities to gather signatures for the Carbon Tax Initiative. If you live in South Sound and haven't  gotten the training or gotten materials, the Tahoma UU Congregation will have a training at 6:30 on June 3rd. More training opportunities  and supplies are here.

Event opportunities after the jump.


Is your congregation signed on for Get BIG Money Out of Elections Initiative?

May 20

Many are. Until we take control back from big money, we will not accomplish our other priorities. This initiative is rooted in our 5th Principle that calls on us to promote true democracy in the world at large. This initiative has a great start. Read on for latest news and information on how to get your congregation connected.




Featured in UU World: BUF, a congregation living Beloved Community

April 20

Have you heard about the accountable longterm relationships that Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship maintains with frontline communities? Read about it in the UU World.




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