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We launched this new UU Voices for Justice website at 10 pm, June 28, 2014. We would really appreciate hearing your experiences of this site. Please let us know everything that may still need fixing.

And, if you find things that you particularly like - let us know about those too.

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commented 2014-07-07 19:06:20 -0700
The login process has a bad UX. First I sign up and in the process have to choose a user name. OK fine, a username, that’s what I’ll log in with, right? After completing the sign-up, I then go to the homepage and look for a place to login. Buried off in tiny print on the right of the screen underneath a “signup” button, there’s an option to login with “email”. Huh? What does that mean? When I click it, I see a login screen that I’m sure will ask for my user name (that’s why I created a user name, right?), but no, it wants …. an email address!

I think that :

1) I shouldn’t have to create a username that I’m not going to use for logging in with,

2) the login functionality should be front & center on the homepage, it should be more prominent than the sign-up functionality, and

3) logging in the “normal” way (i.e. not via social media systems) should be the first, not the last option.

Finally the use of transparent divs on top of the cloud/grass wallpaper makes the text really difficult to read, doubly-so I’m sure for many people with vision issues. The divs should have a solid color and good contrast between that color and the text they contain.

My $0.02.


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