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As you may already know yesterday the Senate, in a party line vote, changed their rules to require a 2/3 majority simply to bring a bill that raises revenue to the floor. They can't even be discussed. This is in defiance of a Supreme Court decision that ruled such super majority requirements unconstitutional.

Of course, this means that solving the education crisis, addressing pollution through making the big polluters pay (cap and trade) and making our taxes a bit fairer are dead before arrival.

Please send an email to your Senator. You can find contact information for your Senator here - If you don't know your district or Senator, information is at the legislator finder service.

This is reported as a party line vote. If your senator is a Republican, here's a sample email. If your senator is a Democrat, please thank them, let them know how concerned you are, using some of the wording below, and encourage them to continue the struggle.

Dear Senator,
I am dismayed and very concerned about the Republican Senators who changed the rules of the Senate yesterday to make the future of education for all children, reducing pollution by charging the polluters and making our taxes a bit fairer with a capital gains tax on the wealthiest impossible. It circumvents the legislative process of discussion and compromise and has been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. This is a disaster for the middle class, our children and the poor and a win for corporations, the wealthy and massive polluters, without allowing any discussion.

As a Unitarian Universalist, my faith teaches me that extreme financial inequality, such as we have now, is so extreme that it is a moral imperative on a par with racism. Our Principles require that we live in such a way that all might thrive. Equity in public life is required. We recognize that our fate is bound up with the fate of all. While it is true that reducing inequality will boost our economy, at its core allowing people to starve so that others can live in great luxury is immoral.

The Tri-City Herald editorial board observed of the Senate's reckless act:

"This new rule will choke off discussion of new tax measures early in the process, which will limit options and suppress creative budget strategies. It will make it harder for legislators to shoot for the middle and compromise because they won’t have to if the tax debate never happens.

"Their super-majority plan makes a complex process even more complicated. There is enough gridlock in Olympia without putting up another hurdle to the process. This new rule was a bad decision."

I'm asking you to call on your leadership to reverse this immoral decision and reengage in the democratic process. Here's a link to the brochure outlining the priorities of Unitarian Universalist Voices for Justice for this session.


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The letter is to long to be used in the online email form. How else do you expect us to send it? Julia
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