Our 2018 Legislative Agenda

1. Ensure carbon pollution accountability

2. Provide control and regulation of oil and coal terminals, transportation

3. Reform the Legal Financial Obligation System, End Bail

4. Promote restorative justice, education & rehabilitation

5. Reform state tax and funding structure

6. Challenge voter limitations for prisoners/felons

We will be working on legislation in these areas in the 2018 session.


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With Trump’s ascension we have multiplied the challenge of pulling the world away from planetary genocide. It is important to realize where we are in the CO2 Crisis. We need not speculate what will happen, its happening and with grave consequences for us in Washington. In this is, the anti-science, “alternative fact” age where is our leverage? Dr James Hansen who has always been an guarded optimist responds to this inquiry, “Will We Miss Our Last Chance to Save the World From Climate Change? Rolling Stone interviews James Hansen
”http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/will-we-miss-our-last-chance-to-survive-climate-change-w456917">http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/features/will-we-miss-our-last-chance-to-survive-climate-change-w456917 We can only, continue the effort to push ourselves away from the precipice with all our will and fierce love

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